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Dreams Shared/Inspired

Our Story in Bellingham – an invitation to say YES!

Dreams Unlimited @BELLINGHAM

One of our Couchsurfing hosts, owner of The Table and Bellingham Pasta Co., Katie shared on our Facebook page: “Bellingham is a better place today because of these two.” Being stranded, almost homeless; and definitely sleepless in Seattle in June this summer – we were this close to packing up and moving on from the […]

Sharing at Quetzalroo

Guatemala Dream 081

Our last stop in Guatemala – the city. We met our host, Manuel, the owner of hostel Quetzalroo during our second week in Guatemala, at our retreat in Isla Verde. Manuel and his partner were putting up flyers all over Lake Atitlan to promote hostel Quetzalroo. We walked past each other 3 times and Manuel […]

Sharing at Rainbow Cafe in Antigua – “Listening” to the Universe

Paola's photo of the dreams in their hands

It felt like most of our sharing sessions – we shared from our hearts, and set an intention for people to open their hearts and truly “listen”… We collected hands at the end of the sharing, just like we did at every sharing in Latin America… A few days later, we received an unexpected email […]

Sharing at Casa Cakchiquel – the house of many fires

The fire of Casa Cakchiquel

“I’d like you to meet my friend, Robert. He is making his dream come true by restoring an old house. It is his dream house.” Helga said to us one morning. On first thoughts, we were like “Uhh… dream house? Some rich man buying over an old house and restoring its extravagance so that he […]

Sharing in Cafe RED Xela – “Aprovechar” The Guatemalan Dream

Sign #2: Projector Cable Broken

The thought of stopping had been in our minds for a while. Not stopping as in packing up and going home (tho’ we sometimes do entertain that thought); but rather, to *pause* and really catch up on the writing and videos. We had wanted to do so on Molokai, Hawaii; and the turn of events […]

Sharing with local students at Santiago – “El sueño que tienes en tu mano…”

Group Photo with everyone from the Santiago Atitlan School Sharing

Lisa was introduced to us by our Panajachel Couchsurfing host, Helga. She is in Guatemala working with a program called Access as a teacher trainer with English classes in certain small towns around Lake Atitlan. When she heard about our project and our school visits, she sent us an email invitation to ask if we’d […]

Sacred Art Teahouse Sharing – Walking the 3 Worlds, Finding Myself, I have LOVE

"We want to give these to you!"

Sarah connected us to Ajna, the owner of Sacred Art Teahouse and we co-organised a sharing session at her place during our stay in San Marcos. And this post’s title is basically sums up our experiences at the sharing. Walking the 3 Worlds “Tell them what your dream is, Robin. I like what you said […]

IslaVerde – the island where we “came ashore”

Collected thoughts, Restored souls

Cyanobacteria. The blue-green algae choking up Lake Atitlan due to pollution from the people living around the lake. This was the sight that greeted us throughout our 15 minute boat-ride across the lake from Panajachel to Santa Cruz de la Laguna, where our new host, IslaVerde awaits. And it perfectly reflected our state of being […]

Panajachel Colegio Internacional – A Door of Hope

Guatemala Dream 002

Our journey in Guatemala began with an awkward silence. A silence that hushed us from asking the question, “What is your dream?” here. The story of Lemar’s “I don’t want to think about that (her dream)” and a young Guatemalan boy’s “Shit you” left us wondering – is there any point of this project in […]

Xmas 2010 – ¿Cuál es tu Tesoro?

Xmas 2009 Was a season of Giving… … and Receiving Giving… The people who’ve left beautiful footprints in our lives Parts of ourselves, books that have touched our lives Receiving… One unexpected SMS Two “I Believe in You”s A present that we still look over and give thanks for A faith that had kept us going till today […]

First Sharing Session in Japan – Let’s Play!

Look! Our Treasures in Our Hearts!

After hearing what we wanted to do in Japan, Yuri contacted and convinced her mother-in-law to let us visit her “Hoi Gyuen (nursery)” to conduct our very first sharing session. “Just like that?!?” We asked in incredulity when she announced her mother-in-law’s approval to us. “You can try my mother-in-law’s nursery first. And if the […]

台灣最後一場分享會: 我和夢想有約@台北

去年來台灣背包,不小心翻閱了蛙大哥的[島內出走] “四個男生、八個輪子、十六個日夜、一千三百公里的感動旅程” 那時侯不會單車、也不懂單車,就只知道,這四個大男人好熱血! 看了他們的分享,心裡有一股莫名的火開始燃燒著。。。 I Believe That Dreams Can Come True 誕生過後,才知道這把火叫作逐夢時的快樂! 於是來到台北,找了蛙大哥攜手辦分享會,希望繼續傳遞這把“逐夢的火”。 這將會是在台灣辦的最後一場分享會,因為我們要到日本去了!所以,不要忘了我和夢想有約@台北: 日期:2010年5月28日 时间:晚上7PM – 8PM 地点 蛙咖啡 – 104台北市中山區松江路69巷5號 檢視較大的地圖


一路來到高雄,路途狀況連連。不知道是不是累了,有點越走越灰心的感覺。 結果今天因為鐵仁夫婦的介紹,來到了小樹的家: 頓時間走進了一個有童話、有圖畫、有夢幻的地方。 頓時間走進了童年時光、有著無限可能的光陰。 和小樹的家的媽媽,瓊文聊起要辦分享會的事情,她沒多加考慮,就把場地讓出來全力支持。接著,我們就听到她開始邀請正在店裡的客人到明晚的分享會來!還跟我們說:“謝謝你們讓我能夠參與這個旅程!” 一堆的感激和一堆的期待。 感激這一份加油、期待明晚和你一起在繪本中做夢的機會。 我和夢想有約@高雄: 日期:2010年5月13日 時間:晚上7.30PM – 8.30PM 地點:小樹的家- 高雄市林南街16號(靠近文化中心廣州一街的正側門出來..就是林南街了 ) 電話:07-2226161 檢視較大的地圖 我們相信分享的力量 One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired 分享|啟發 – 讓夢想造就夢想 我和夢想有約@高雄: 一起來繪夢、逐夢,築夢吧!


我們來到台南了!在台南的第一個晚上,地主思聖帶我們到“跳舞的羊咖啡豆專賣店“。 原來 人類會發現咖啡豆 是因為羊會跳舞 很久很久以前,有位牧羊人發現他的羊群在跳舞。走過去仔細一看,原來他的羊吃了一種豆。 那,就是人類與咖啡豆第一次的接觸、第一次的機遇。 後來 葉大維老闆會幫我們辦分享活動 是因為思聖為我們的夢想鼓舞 他和老闆分享了我們的故事,老闆二話不說就一口答應了我們,還開始想辦法找人參加活動。我們說了:“哪怕只是一個人,只要他願意來,我們就願意分享。只要他願意說,我們就願意把他的夢想帶到全世界,為他加油!” 因為 這樣子的緣分 我們都很珍惜 所以 I Believe That Dreams Can Come True 邀請在台南所有的有緣人- 和自己的夢想約定 為自己的夢想“加油!” 我和夢想有約@台南: 日期:2010年5月11日 時間:中午1PM – 2PM 地點:跳舞的羊咖啡豆專賣店- 台南市衛民街59號 電話:06-2285239 檢視較大的地圖 我們相信分享的力量 One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired 分享|啟發 – 讓夢想造就夢想 我和夢想有約@台南: 一起來做夢、逐夢,築夢吧!


你有夢想嗎? 你還記得你的夢想是什麼嗎? 有夢,就要大聲說出來! I Believe That Dreams Can Come True 邀請你- 好不好就和自己的夢想約定 讓“夢起飛”。 我們在離開台中的前夕,會在match café 默契咖啡舉辦“夢想收集會”,以分享的方式收集夢想,也希望能和支持我們的朋友們聚一聚,分享逐夢,築夢心得。 明晚,也是我們首次發行“我和夢想有約” Dream Card;compliments of match café。我們將把Dream Card 送給每一位前來參與的有緣人。 我和夢想有約@台中資料如下: 日期:2010年5月5日 時間:晚上8PM – 9PM 地點:match café 默契咖啡- 台中市中港路二段60-3號 電話:04-23134597 檢視較大的地圖 我們相信分享的力量 One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired 分享|啟發 – 讓夢想造就夢想 我和夢想有約@台中: 一起來做夢、逐夢,築夢吧!

Our First Sharing Session: Taiping Elementary School

Find My Dream

Recap: We made a promise to Luo Papa during our backpacking trip in October 2009. We promised him that we would return to Taiwan 6 months later to chase his last dream of cycling to all the train stations in Taiwan with him. Because of this promise, “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” was […]

Dream like a kid – what do you want to be when you grow up?

A note from Val: I had a major writer’s block when trying to pen this entry, because it involves me making a confession – one that I’d hate to admit; and one that you’d not like to hear. Yes, even at this point in my life, even after having passed one year on the road, […]

a project to INSPIRE DREAMS

One Dream Shared, One Dream Inspired

We invited 6 friends randomly over for dinner and asked if they would be willing to pen their dreams down on slips of coloured paper. View the video to find out how they responded!