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Our Story in Bellingham – an invitation to say YES!

Dreams Unlimited @BELLINGHAM

One of our Couchsurfing hosts, owner of The Table and Bellingham Pasta Co., Katie shared on our Facebook page: “Bellingham is a better place today because of these two.” Being stranded, almost homeless; and definitely sleepless in Seattle in June this summer – we were this close to packing up and moving on from the […]

Helga and The Kids – Our Family in Guatemala

"I want you to keep this key. This is your home. It will always be."

This is a story of how two Couchsurfers met, fell in love, and became family… The Meeting – A Fiasco Beetroot Dinner When we wrote to Helga our couchsurfng request, we told her that “We love sharing stories over home-cooked meals; and certainly would love sharing our grandmother’s recipes with you and the family! On […]

Helen & Talk Show: What is it that keeps you going?

We left Pine Home with the lesson and reminder, that “There is an Invisible Force out there”. Little did we know that as we left Puli County, that very Invisible Force was already working…and it led us to meet Helen. Helen was a Couchsufer in Taichung. She runs an English learning center, “Talk Show” to […]

Dreams Are The Reason We Live

David's Handwritten Poems

“I cannot think of anything better to do with my life.” – David Wood We needed to make a stop between Taichung and Puli; and our Couchsurfing attempt landed ourselves in Cao Tun, at David’s house. David’s couch was the only couch available at Cao Tun, a really really tiny township. What piqued us more […]

Cycle across America – Life’s Learnings from a Dream Fulfilled

Many people recommended “Couchsurfing” when they heard about our trip. It is basically an online community, where travellers offer their spare couches to fellow travellers. We grew up with our parents telling us, “Do not talk to strangers. Do not let strangers into the house.” Free accommodation simply because we are fellow travellers? Simply on […]