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Opened Doors, Opened Hearts

Our Story in Bellingham – an invitation to say YES!

Dreams Unlimited @BELLINGHAM

One of our Couchsurfing hosts, owner of The Table and Bellingham Pasta Co., Katie shared on our Facebook page: “Bellingham is a better place today because of these two.” Being stranded, almost homeless; and definitely sleepless in Seattle in June this summer – we were this close to packing up and moving on from the […]

Villa Del Angel – Hospitality of Angels

This is more than... just a glass of water

We set off from Guatemala City towards El Salvador by bus, and arrived in San Salvador at around 8.30PM. We had planned to cycle from the bus terminal to our host hotel, Villa del Angel upon arrival because, “It’s 5 kilometres on our bikes, we should be able to get there within half an hour”, […]

Sharing at Quetzalroo

Guatemala Dream 081

Our last stop in Guatemala – the city. We met our host, Manuel, the owner of hostel Quetzalroo during our second week in Guatemala, at our retreat in Isla Verde. Manuel and his partner were putting up flyers all over Lake Atitlan to promote hostel Quetzalroo. We walked past each other 3 times and Manuel […]

Casa San Bartolomé – Allow us to share

Guatemala Dream 054 and 055

We received a warm reply for our email to Casa San Bartolomé to ask for a sponsorship stay for 5 nights. When we met Anabella, the owner, she said, “This is a nice project. And my husband and I want to be a part of it; even it’s just supporting you through hosting you. We […]

Casa Renaissance Guesthouse – Warm Hospitality in Cold Xela

Guatemala Dream 049

During one of our online research sessions, we stumbled upon an elder who runs a Mayan school to teach young Mayan children – Mayan math, astrology, medicine and spirituality. The school is his dream; and part of his continuing efforts to pass on the Mayan culture and teachings from his abuelos (grandfathers) to his grandchildren. […]

Mikaso Hotel – Space for Nourishment

Guatemala Dream 022

We left IslaVerde, restored and ready for to continue on our journey. Waiting for us on San Pedro de la Laguna, was our hostess, Laurence from Mikaso Hotel. At the beginning of this journey, we found it difficult for us to reach out and ask for help – be it in sponsorship for our gear, […]

IslaVerde – the island where we “came ashore”

Collected thoughts, Restored souls

Cyanobacteria. The blue-green algae choking up Lake Atitlan due to pollution from the people living around the lake. This was the sight that greeted us throughout our 15 minute boat-ride across the lake from Panajachel to Santa Cruz de la Laguna, where our new host, IslaVerde awaits. And it perfectly reflected our state of being […]

Mayan Homestay Experience – “Lemar”, cual es tu sueño?

When we were making decisions to travel through Latin America, we decided that we’d take shuttles/buses whenever we have to cross borders. Having to transport our equipment, bicycles and ourselves safely across immigration was simply not worth the risk. And so, we got into Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico; […]

Pine Home: There is an Invisible Force out there

Moving on from Taiwan: It has been some time since we posted a video post; the last one being our experience of Sharing in Puli’s Neighbourhood (see post here). YY, our friend from Polar told us, “Posting and videos are also one of the best token of appreciation you girls can bring back home. You […]