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The Universe Provides

Our Story in Bellingham – an invitation to say YES!

Dreams Unlimited @BELLINGHAM

One of our Couchsurfing hosts, owner of The Table and Bellingham Pasta Co., Katie shared on our Facebook page: “Bellingham is a better place today because of these two.” Being stranded, almost homeless; and definitely sleepless in Seattle in June this summer – we were this close to packing up and moving on from the […]

Sharing at Casa Cakchiquel – the house of many fires

The fire of Casa Cakchiquel

“I’d like you to meet my friend, Robert. He is making his dream come true by restoring an old house. It is his dream house.” Helga said to us one morning. On first thoughts, we were like “Uhh… dream house? Some rich man buying over an old house and restoring its extravagance so that he […]

33! Celebrate An Appetite for Life!

We sat on the pavement outside The Bake Shop and finished BOTH the blueberry and strawberry buns at one go!

A week before my birthday, Val asked me, “How do you want to celebrate your birthday?” Without even thinking, I (Tay) said, “No need to celebrate. It’s just another day, which is no different from any other day.” Val insisted and the night before my birthday, she gave me an instruction, “We have to wake […]

Days in Todai, Tokyo, Japan

Yuri’s house is next to the University of Tokyo, affectionately referred to as Todai by the locals. And she told us one morning, “You can go Todai T-Lounge. Free tables and chairs and power. No need to pay.” And so begun our campus days in Todai, living it up as university students would – with […]

A week of saying, "Thank You"

View the people who funded this dream; and consequently, inspired many other dreams in this section.