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Soul Food

Before it expires…

Happy 27th Birthday Val!

In our 30 kilograms luggages Lies a packet of comfort A packet of familiar taste from home A packet of 舍不得 (closest translation = cannot bear to) On the eve of my birthday We finally decided to bring it out And celebrate my turning 27th Over 2 cups of Milo After all What’s the point […]

Sharing at Rainbow Cafe in Antigua – “Listening” to the Universe

Paola's photo of the dreams in their hands

It felt like most of our sharing sessions – we shared from our hearts, and set an intention for people to open their hearts and truly “listen”… We collected hands at the end of the sharing, just like we did at every sharing in Latin America… A few days later, we received an unexpected email […]

To Val

Finally...lost in the song

“你只要相信什麽 你就一直去做 有一天就會成真。” — 田馥甄 (Hebe) “If there’s something you believe in, Just keep doing it It (Your dream) will come true one day.” — Hebe (Taiwanese Singer) She was talking about her first solo album, “To Hebe”. First spotted in a singing competition and then recruited to be part of a girl band “S.H.E.”, it took […]

Cross the line – Get “Out Of Bounds”

Set off - trekking shoes, headlamp, 2 litres of water & sleeping bag checked

A week before my birthday, Val asked me, “What present do you want for your birthday?” I thought for a while and whispered back, “Can I have anything I want?” Val’s head nodded an affirmative nod. I took a deep breadth and said, “I want to do the Santa Maria Volcano Full Moon Hike.” I […]

Momostenango – In Search of Blessings

The Mayan Ceremonial Fire

We found out about Abuelo Rigoberto during one of our internet research sessions. We call him Abuelo, which means “Grandfather”, because it is a term of respect, a way for us to show reverence… for the “wise men” of every culture. After connecting with Abuelo via several emails, we finally confirmed arrangements to visit him, […]

33! Celebrate An Appetite for Life!

We sat on the pavement outside The Bake Shop and finished BOTH the blueberry and strawberry buns at one go!

A week before my birthday, Val asked me, “How do you want to celebrate your birthday?” Without even thinking, I (Tay) said, “No need to celebrate. It’s just another day, which is no different from any other day.” Val insisted and the night before my birthday, she gave me an instruction, “We have to wake […]

Hiking Tzununá with Nile – Drenched in Abundance

Soaking every bit of it up

During our Retreat on IslaVerde, we met a resident living in the neighbouring pueblo, Jaibalito. His name is Nile; and he attended our sharing session at IslaVerde. After the session, he invited us to hike the “Tzununá falls” with him. “It was where I wrote my book. There used to be a trail there, but […]

IslaVerde – the island where we “came ashore”

Collected thoughts, Restored souls

Cyanobacteria. The blue-green algae choking up Lake Atitlan due to pollution from the people living around the lake. This was the sight that greeted us throughout our 15 minute boat-ride across the lake from Panajachel to Santa Cruz de la Laguna, where our new host, IslaVerde awaits. And it perfectly reflected our state of being […]

Thank you for S*H*I*T

Little Guatemalan Boy

We are grateful for… The fact that we are beginning this list of gratitude. Despite having the poverty, the desperateness of everything and everyone get to us in a way that makes us almost “pek cek (frustrated)”. Ok, VERY pek cek. We’ve had the words “Shit.” “You.” stumbled out of the mouth of a hardly […]

Mayan Homestay Experience – “Lemar”, cual es tu sueño?

When we were making decisions to travel through Latin America, we decided that we’d take shuttles/buses whenever we have to cross borders. Having to transport our equipment, bicycles and ourselves safely across immigration was simply not worth the risk. And so, we got into Lake Atitlan, Guatemala from San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico; […]

El permiso por un sueño

El Permiso Por Un Sueño Somos dos mujeres Singapurenses dando la vuelta al mundo en bicicletas para recoger sueños de las personas para compartir en nuestra página web. América Latina es nuestro cuarto escalafón en esta gran jornada, antes estuvimos en Taiwan, Japón y Hawai. Después de haber viajado por México, estaremos manejando las bicicletas […]

2011: Counting Our Blessings

We’d just spent the last couple of days rolling in bed, throwing up any food or liquid that goes into our bodies, basically, suffering from some unknown food poisoning or stomach virus. While everyone else was out partying counting down to the wonderful 2011 ahead, we laid next to each other and grimaced, “Why is […]

Xmas 2010 – ¿Cuál es tu Tesoro?

Xmas 2009 Was a season of Giving… … and Receiving Giving… The people who’ve left beautiful footprints in our lives Parts of ourselves, books that have touched our lives Receiving… One unexpected SMS Two “I Believe in You”s A present that we still look over and give thanks for A faith that had kept us going till today […]

Days in Todai, Tokyo, Japan

Yuri’s house is next to the University of Tokyo, affectionately referred to as Todai by the locals. And she told us one morning, “You can go Todai T-Lounge. Free tables and chairs and power. No need to pay.” And so begun our campus days in Todai, living it up as university students would – with […]

First Sharing Session in Japan – Let’s Play!

Look! Our Treasures in Our Hearts!

After hearing what we wanted to do in Japan, Yuri contacted and convinced her mother-in-law to let us visit her “Hoi Gyuen (nursery)” to conduct our very first sharing session. “Just like that?!?” We asked in incredulity when she announced her mother-in-law’s approval to us. “You can try my mother-in-law’s nursery first. And if the […]

Day 3 in Japan

Before we arrived, we’d wanted to hold sharing sessions with children in Japan. Specifically children, because we know that with whatever societial nuances and language barriers Japanese culture has; there are no such boundaries for children. And also because, we’ve always have a soft spot for children. Day 2 we were here, Yuri had already […]

Our First Sharing Session: Taiping Elementary School

Find My Dream

Recap: We made a promise to Luo Papa during our backpacking trip in October 2009. We promised him that we would return to Taiwan 6 months later to chase his last dream of cycling to all the train stations in Taiwan with him. Because of this promise, “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” was […]

Dream like a kid – what do you want to be when you grow up?

A note from Val: I had a major writer’s block when trying to pen this entry, because it involves me making a confession – one that I’d hate to admit; and one that you’d not like to hear. Yes, even at this point in my life, even after having passed one year on the road, […]

Slowly but Surely…

And so we left David’s house the next morning, recharged for another day of cycling, the beauty of his works still singing in our hearts. That is, until we came upon the first of the many many long long upward slopes… Shot on Canon by Koh Your spare change, even if it’s just $1, would […]

A Reminder To Listen To Our Hearts

Jonathan’s sharing with us stirred something within, yet we didn’t really know or understood the lesson fully at that time. And just before he went to bed that night, he passed us Vicky’s number and suggested that we give her a call. “She might have some interesting stories to share with you.” Laying in bed, […]

Take A Chance…

…because no amount of planning can preempt unforeseen circumstances …because everything happens for a reason …because time and space is needed for new beginnings to arise …because nothing is quite as fearful as not knowing what you’ve missed ahead So take a chance we did And acknowledge plans change with time And recognise that every […]

What’s in a Dream?

Shot on Canon by Koh Help us continue inspiring by sponsoring this video. Click here to find out how. When we were asking the students about their dreams, most of them had no concept of the word, “dream” – they either do not know the word or they have never given such a far-fetched idea […]

A Departure, A Mother’s Blessings

Entry updated from the one we posted on 12 April when we received news of Luo Papa’s Mother’s demise: Shot on Canon by Koh Help us continue inspiring by sponsoring this video. Click here to find out how. Luo Papa’s mother was the one who brought him to see his first train when he was […]

Taiwan Railway Cycling Dream – Blessings from a Mother

We received news from Luo Papa this morning – his 92 year old mother had passed on this morning 2AM. Our team (Tay, Val and camerman Koh) sends him and his family our deepest condolences. Luo Papa’s mother was the one who brought him to see his first train when he was barely a toddler. […]