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Media Coverage

El Salvador – Canal 12 Pop 2.0 on 11 August 2011

Totally zonked out while waiting outside the studio for our turn

We weren’t allowed any photos in the studio that day Nor did we have the opportunity to interact with the hosts i.e. ask them what their dreams are We chose this photo to represent our interview with Pop 2.0 And to be quite honest We were contentedly exhausted Simply because We know We’ve touched hearts […]

El Salvador – La Prensa Grafica on 11 August 2011

La Prensa Grafica Part I

For media inquiries, please contact us here.

El Salvador – Canal 12 “¡Hola El Salvador!” on 11 Aug 2011

Group photo with hosts and guests on the program

For media inquiries, please contact us here.

El Salvador – Noticias4Vision on 11 Aug 2011

Noticias4Vision Part I

For media inquiries, please contact us here.

Mexico – El Sie7e de Chiapas on 2 May 2011

Article on El Sie7e de Chiapas Part I

Original article here Nancy had to take 2 different buses from the capital of Chiapas to San Cristobal de las Casas, where we were, to conduct the interview with us. “It’s good to meet you in person.” She said. Thank you, for taking the time, the effort, and the heart. As you listened to our […]

Mexico – Tabasco Hoy Noticias on 20 April 2011 and 24 April 2011

Tabasco Hoy Group of Journalists and Editors

Original article written by Ariel here. Original article here. “Mi jefe se gustaría conocerte después de las entrevistas (My boss would like to meet you after the interviews).” Ariel said to us. We looked at each other – what would a busy busy busy man like him want to do with us? We followed Ariel […]

Mexico – Diario Presente on 20 April 2011

With Journalist Ileana Pineda

Ileana said to us, “You girls made me almost cry!” Dear Ileana, We share the same sentiments as you. In times where the media is filled with stories of violence, blood and gore – if only we’d stop for a moment and see for ourselves. The greatness and beauty that lies therein. In humanity. Thank […]

Mexico – TV Azteca Tabasco on 18 April 2011

Interview session with TV Azteca Tabasco

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Mexico – MegaNoticias Canal 6 Megacable Veracruz on 25 March 2011

Interview with Mitzi

Mitzi asked us, “How do you live on this journey?” Tay answered in Spanish, “Día por día!” She meant, “One day at a time.” Mitzi said in reply, “Like living in the moment? I can see that very much in the two of you.” Val said to her, “I only have this one opportunity To […]

Mexico – MegaNoticias Canal 6 Megacable Veracruz on 24 March 2011

From left: Tay, Marisol, Val, Marijose inside the TV Studio

After our radio interview on Mar FM99.7 with Marisol and Maryjose, we were invited to share our stories on Maryjose’s News. During the “live” interview, we shared the message “Poco a poco, un sueño se construye (Little by little, a dream is built)” and passed our dream cards out to Marisol, Maryjose and the crew. […]

Mexico – Imagen de Veracruz on 22 March 2011

Us and the Team @ Imagen Veracruz

Original article here. The Dreams of the Team @ Imagen Veracruz Ever so often We find ourselves in the midst of an all-girls group Almost immediately There is a mutual understanding and empathy To girl-power! 🙂

Mexico – Mar FM99.7 on 17 March 2011

Marijose Gamboa - her "first" dream

We were brought to this interview by Marisol, a friend of our Couchsurfing hosts Paco and Karla. Marisol co-hosts the spiritual and cultural section of the program with Maryjose. We are constantly grateful for the opportunity to share our stories with the media. Because other than reaching out to a greater public audience through the […]

Mexico – Transito Xalapa with various media on Week of 11 March 2011

Article in Grupo Acontecer

No we have no wish to be involved in politics Yet this was a lesson we felt we needed to share Cliché as it may sound “With great powers Come great responsibilities” And with what little “powers” we have on this journey We try to get “in touch” with the hearts ♥ of the people we […]

Mexico – TV Azteca Oaxaca on 2 March 2011

TV Azteca Oaxaca - filming us in action on our bicycles

TV Azteca Oaxaca asked us, “What is that you remember most of Oaxaca – the food, the culture…or?” We remember The morning before we left Rubén’s house Rubén’s mum gave us a *tight* hug In that moment We felt her empathy It has been a long journey She understood Our mothers’ pain The pain having […]

Mexico – Oaxaca Noticias on 1 March 2011

Special tour of the press room after the interview

Original article here. Watch the video here. We asked everyone in the interview room, “What do you carry in your pens, in your cameras?” and were greeted by a thoughtful silence. Dear friends of Oaxaca Noticias, you have answered us immensely in the articles you wrote, in the videos you produce. Thank you, for being […]

Mexico – Reforma Estado on 20 February 2011

The Reforma - Estado

We need to be wiser with our media interviews. We need to learn to say, “no” to reporters who simply place the recorder in our faces and then do everything except listen during the interview. We’ve got furious friends who wrote to the journalist and the editor to correct the mistakes. But no replies, nada. […]

Mexico – El Universal on 20 February 2011

El Universal Article

Original article here.

Mexico – Televisa (National and Puebla) on 11 February 2011

Caro Gil (newscaster) and her sueño

Mexico – Imagen Poblana on 11 February 2011

Jesus (journalist) and his sueño

When Jesus said that his dream was to change the world through the power of conscientious media; we held his hand and replied, “Thank you for joining us on this journey. For that, you know that you are not alone!” Read his article about us here.

Mexico – TV Azteca Puebla on 5 February 2011

Daniel (reporter) and his sueño

Mexico – Puebla Metro Newspaper on 4 February 2011

Adrianna (journalist) and her sueño

It is not everyday we meet a young journalist who knows exactly why she is a journalist; and who puts so much thought and effort in her interview questions and writing. This is one of the articles we like most so far 🙂 For an article so thoughtfully and beautifully written – Thank you, Adrianna!

Mexico – Bike AM Radio on 29 January 2011

Alex (radio producer) and his sueño

One of the privileges of being on this project is that we get to interview our interviewers at the end of each interview 🙂 Alex shared with us that one of his dreams was to make Bike AM “the BEST radio station for cyclists”; and he takes his work very seriously – always asking for […]

Mexico – Once Noticias on 28 January 2011

Interview with Tay

Hawaii, Molokai – The Molokai Dispatch on 27 October 2010

Original article here.