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Mexico – El Sie7e de Chiapas on 2 May 2011

Article on El Sie7e de Chiapas Part I

Original article here Nancy had to take 2 different buses from the capital of Chiapas to San Cristobal de las Casas, where we were, to conduct the interview with us. “It’s good to meet you in person.” She said. Thank you, for taking the time, the effort, and the heart. As you listened to our […]

Mexico – Oaxaca Noticias on 1 March 2011

Special tour of the press room after the interview

Original article here. Watch the video here. We asked everyone in the interview room, “What do you carry in your pens, in your cameras?” and were greeted by a thoughtful silence. Dear friends of Oaxaca Noticias, you have answered us immensely in the articles you wrote, in the videos you produce. Thank you, for being […]

Japan – TRANSIT MAGAZINE on 19 August 2010

Full article here.

Japan – My Eyes Tokyo on 26 July 2010

Full article here.

Japan – on 25 June 2010

Full article here.

Singapore – RAZORTV on 19 March 2010

Full article here Full article here