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A personal appeal from Tay and Val: We (really) need your help to keep going

The death of our laptop

Dear Families and Friends, How are you since we last connected? We are finally in Los Angeles, and Val has just completed her first audition in Hollywood last Friday. As we each take one more step closer to our dreams, we wish the same for you, too. Simultaneously, we had planned to screen our films […]

Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 12 –

"Un sueño compartido, Un sueño inspirado" Spanish Dreamcards

Giveaway 12: A pair of “Un Sueño Compartido, Un Sueño Inspirado” Spanish Dreamcards We began our series of giveaways with a set of Taiwan Dreamcards – inspired, designed and made in Taiwan We end our this series of 12 giveaways with another set of Dreamcards – inspired, designed and made in Latin America And we […]

Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 11 – when you truly LISTEN, what do you hear?

Val wearing the earring in the final resolution scene of LISTEN

Giveaway 11: The only-one-in-the-world customised earring worn by Val in LISTEN Why you would want this gift: It’s one of its kind in the world We sold everything we owned – yet Val kept this earring because it is that special The short film is called LISTEN – this is an EARRING, can it be […]

Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 10 – Thank You, Japan

Limited Edition "I Believe That Dreams Can Come True" Cartoon Logo Button

Watch the finale video of our journey in Japan in 2010: Giveaway 10: One limited edition “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” cartoon logo button Why you would want this gift: It is an ABUNDANCE button – we’ve been using these buttons to fund raise for our journey in Latin America And it has […]

Sharing, Dreaming, Inspiring Giveaway 07 – a project to OVERCOME FEAR

We carry on our bicycles - a daily reminder that "Life is made up of moments"

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” — Dr. Spencer Johnson, Who moved my Cheese? Giveaway 06: I Believe That Dreams Can Come True 2012 Calendar with Inspirational Photos and Quotes (October-December) Our next giveaway is a hi-res printable PDF of our I Believe That Dreams Can Come True Calendar – personally designed by us […]

Before it expires…

Happy 27th Birthday Val!

In our 30 kilograms luggages Lies a packet of comfort A packet of familiar taste from home A packet of 舍不得 (closest translation = cannot bear to) On the eve of my birthday We finally decided to bring it out And celebrate my turning 27th Over 2 cups of Milo After all What’s the point […]

Memorable Moments of Guatemala – Despite without a cent

Goodbye Guatemala!

Tal vez, toda la pobreza necesita en este momento, es simplemente “El Permiso Por Un Sueño” para restaurar su dignidad. Perhaps, what poverty needs right now, is simply “The Permission To Dream” to restore its dignity. — from our first post in Guatemala We shall start our Guatemala story right at the end, when we were […]

To Val

Finally...lost in the song

“你只要相信什麽 你就一直去做 有一天就會成真。” — 田馥甄 (Hebe) “If there’s something you believe in, Just keep doing it It (Your dream) will come true one day.” — Hebe (Taiwanese Singer) She was talking about her first solo album, “To Hebe”. First spotted in a singing competition and then recruited to be part of a girl band “S.H.E.”, it took […]

Cross the line – Get “Out Of Bounds”

Set off - trekking shoes, headlamp, 2 litres of water & sleeping bag checked

A week before my birthday, Val asked me, “What present do you want for your birthday?” I thought for a while and whispered back, “Can I have anything I want?” Val’s head nodded an affirmative nod. I took a deep breadth and said, “I want to do the Santa Maria Volcano Full Moon Hike.” I […]

2011: Counting Our Blessings

We’d just spent the last couple of days rolling in bed, throwing up any food or liquid that goes into our bodies, basically, suffering from some unknown food poisoning or stomach virus. While everyone else was out partying counting down to the wonderful 2011 ahead, we laid next to each other and grimaced, “Why is […]

Our First Sharing Session: Taiping Elementary School

Find My Dream

Recap: We made a promise to Luo Papa during our backpacking trip in October 2009. We promised him that we would return to Taiwan 6 months later to chase his last dream of cycling to all the train stations in Taiwan with him. Because of this promise, “I Believe That Dreams Can Come True” was […]