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It is possible to “Live your Dreams”

很多人问我们:“为什么会选择台湾第一站呢?” 我们都回答:“不是我们选择台湾,而是台湾选择了我们!” A lot of people have asked us, “Why did we choose Taiwan as our first stop?” We answered, “We didn’t choose Taiwan. Taiwan chose us.” 那是多麼偶然的緣分: 是台灣讓我們遇上了許多“夢想家” 是台灣讓我們打開了夢想的門 是台灣讓我們感受到了“冥冥中有一股力量” 是台灣讓我們認識了他 是台灣讓他提醒我們- 有夢想,要好好地去“活”它 是台灣讓我們叫他:“駱爸爸” A series of beautiful coincidences: It was in Taiwan, that we met the many dreamers It was in Taiwan, that […]

First Stop – Taiwan

Everytime we were asked about our “plans” for this journey, we could barely coherent an answer. 世界那么大,五年那么长 – 走一步看一步,一个一个国家看着办吧!(The world is so big, the journey (5 years) is so long – we can only take it as it comes, and see where it all leads us!) Yes, we are slightly very different from the mainstream […]

Taiwan – 中國時報 China Times on 8 April 2010

Quick update from Taiwan

We have reached Luo Papa’s homestay in Taiwan safe and sound! It took us quite a while to get internet connection, so bear with us as we catch up with our posts, videos and updates! Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been busy with the past week here: Cleaning up the train restaurant in the […]