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Japan – TRANSIT MAGAZINE on 19 August 2010

Full article here.

Japan – My Eyes Tokyo on 26 July 2010

Full article here.

We got connected!

Where we left off in Japan: We left our last Japan’s post on working at University of Tokyo, Todai (see post here). People commented to us, “You’d think that 2 girls cycling around the world – WOW! And then you’d expect to see action photos on their website; but instead, here’s this huge plug plugged […]

Days in Todai, Tokyo, Japan

Yuri’s house is next to the University of Tokyo, affectionately referred to as Todai by the locals. And she told us one morning, “You can go Todai T-Lounge. Free tables and chairs and power. No need to pay.” And so begun our campus days in Todai, living it up as university students would – with […]

Japan – on 25 June 2010

Full article here.

First Sharing Session in Japan – Let’s Play!

Look! Our Treasures in Our Hearts!

After hearing what we wanted to do in Japan, Yuri contacted and convinced her mother-in-law to let us visit her “Hoi Gyuen (nursery)” to conduct our very first sharing session. “Just like that?!?” We asked in incredulity when she announced her mother-in-law’s approval to us. “You can try my mother-in-law’s nursery first. And if the […]

Project Japan – A Present For The Children Of Japan

A Present For The Children Of Japan - What's Yours?

Dear all, After much “roadblocks” in Japan, we finally have a project that do not require “access” or “connections” 🙂 Catch us on our bicycles on the streets of Japan, collecting drawings and messages to make into one video for the children of Japan. You can support us by submitting your own drawings/messages, and […]

Day 3 in Japan

Before we arrived, we’d wanted to hold sharing sessions with children in Japan. Specifically children, because we know that with whatever societial nuances and language barriers Japanese culture has; there are no such boundaries for children. And also because, we’ve always have a soft spot for children. Day 2 we were here, Yuri had already […]

Day 2 in Japan

We did some research about living expenses in Japan. And whilst on Skype with our friend Yuki one night, we decided that McDonald’s was our cheapest option for food. True enough, our first meal in Japan, at Ueno Train Station was – 3 McDonald’s meals! The next morning… It was more than anything we could […]

Day 1 in Japan

During the last week in Taipei, whilst preparing for Japan, we realised how foreign the country is to us, how little we know about it, and how handicapped we will be not knowing the language. Taiwan had been a very encouraging first stop, and one of the main reasons was that we were fluent in […]

Currently @ Japan + Project Taiwan

Dear all, We have decided to write dilligently about our “daily happenings”, as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Thank you dear Taiwanese friends, for your ever-so-often emails to ask us how we are, whether we are safe, whether we have a place to stay, whether we are well-fed etc. Your […]