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Endorsements from Inspired Dreamers

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Dreams Unlimited @[YOUR ORGANIZATION] is an inspiring and powerful presentation that engages participants in discovering their passions and realizing their potentials for living their dreams and creating a fulfilled life.

Through short films and photos created from their round-the-world journey, (sometimes)live-music with local artists, and always always authentic storytelling; multiple-award-winning filmmakers and invited TEDx speakers Tay and Val are available to:

    • inspire in 18 minutes or less (watch our TED talks)
    • present at your school, organization, corporate functions or even festivals
    • facilitate workshops or retreats for your organization’s leaders

Through sharing our personal experiences, and stories collected by other successful dreamers around the world, we help answer the following questions:

    • What is my true passion and purpose in life? Why is it important?
    • How can I overcome the limitations (such as time/money) that are holding me back?
    • What is the one step I can take towards my dream today?

Since the 2010, we have presented at over 200 events across 12 countries around the world. Our presentations inspired and empowered countless people – to do the things they truly want to do and be the person they truly want to be.

If you are interested in hosting
Dreams Unlimited @[YOUR ORGANIZATION],
please contact us here.

The following are endorsements from students, staff and faculty about our program:

Dr. Kerri NolanWe had a visit from Val and Tay here at the Country Day School in Costa Rica in November and many students and even teachers were inspired to think about the importance of human connections and not losing the focus on what really matters. Giving up careers at home and traveling in order to document the dreams of people around the world seemed so strange to us, but then we began to recognize that there is more to life than just studying and working. They touched the lives of many people here in Costa Rica; people who have a new vision of what is really important in life.

Dr. Kerri Nolan
Director, Country Day Middle School Costa Rica

Tay & Val's message resonates with people of all ages but should be heard specially by children. The idea that they are capable of fulfilling their dreams can never be stressed enough. Nor can it only be talked about. Tay & Val have put in the effort to prove that it is possible. To help them in any way you can, is to help inspire others. To me, that is all the motivation that is needed to give them a hand.

Seth Dominguez
"Almost an artistr", Cyclist, Painter, Writer...above all, a Father, Mexico

I am awed, amazed and feel so very very lucky to know Tay and Val. We met in Hong Kong and even at that time I could feel such a strength and Love penetrating the surface of our lives.

Since then I have spent time with Tay and realized the depth of her compassion. The wideness of her embrace and the beauty of her trust in Life and Love.

When she announced that she and Val had decided to really follow their dreams and bike around the world to meet others and their dreams.....well....hmmm.

Somehow, to be quite honest I was not surprised. It seemed like an extension and continuation of what was already here. An absolute trust that they would be taken care of by the Universe. That wherever they went they would be at home! That all of our dreams are beautiful and to be nominees and loved as who we are.

I have found myself to be so inspired by their travels, blogs and film clips. This is a huge story of allowing our true nature to shine and shine through. Certainly I have felt the vastness of this Love and as my own life unfolds in Grace, Truth and Love, so I too share that ripple of excitement.

We are divine and endless beings of Light. All of us. My heart is wide open receiving the gifts that are pouring out of Tay and Val. An insight that benefits humanity is many ways.

Seen both in their films and in their lives. I feel honored and humble to be called, 'friend'. I love you Tay and Val and thank you for your vision and your Love.

Jan Elgar
Compassion, Love, Connection; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

By chance, or maybe by fate, I was fortunate enough to have met these two extraordinary dreamers. I participated in the making of their latest film, Anger, and I saw how little by little, from a million seemingly disparate pieces, everything came together in the end. Of course, there were hindrances and hurdles along the way—no camera, too much rain, conflicting schedules—but no matter the obstacle that life presented, Val and Tay found a way to embrace it and find a way to fix it for the better. It is hard for me to articulate exactly how Val and Tay have had an impact on my life. At the very least, they have showed me what it’s like to simply trust that the universe will provide, and to keep on going no matter what circumstances life presents. And for that, I thank them.

Poem written by Maya on Dreams:
The Dreamers

We’re the dreamers, the bakers,
the candle-stick makers
the artists and singers and dancers—
We’re the cleaners, the builders,
the fallen-leaf rakers
the helpers and teachers and chanters.

When food is scarce we harvest hope.
When hope is gone, we pray;
When rain falls down we build a boat
Our eyes turn bright when skies are gray.

When anger clouds the future,
and sadness clouds our minds,
silence does well to wash away
and leave the noise behind.

And sure, we stumble and we fall.
And sure, sometimes we’re scared,
But a pinch of trust, a dash of faith
We’re on our way: prepared.

So here’s to Val, and here’s to Tay
two dreamers to the core.
They know the power of a dream
to open endless doors…

They share it with the world to hear,
and hope, and mend, and mold, and heal,
‘til little seeds of dreams are spread
for all the world to feel.

They are the hopers, the hikers,
film-makers and bikers,
the growers and cookers and eaters—
They’re explorers, reporters,
and brave public-speakers,
and writers and ever-more-dreamers.

Maya Faulstich-Hon
Magnificent young woman, Costa Rica Country Day School

Val and Tay are not only amazing friends, but they are wonderful people on a journey to inspire the world. Although I was with them for less than three months, it was enough to make me understand all the greatness they are capable of doing. Not only do they make me believe in myself but they make everyone else do the same. They encourage all to follow their dreams and change the world, doing the same themselves. They truly are one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. It is only just that they continue their journey.

Ingrid Tous
Space Singer on a canvas of Possibilities, Costa Rica, Country Day School

Marli Williams, M.Ed.Tay and Val are exceptional examples of people who embody the pursuit of making dreams come true.  While planning TEDxWWU Tay and Val contacted us about being speakers at this event.  We knew that we had to make that happen.  This event was built and designed for students who are the first in their family to go to college and they are pursuing their dream of higher education.  Given our audience Tay and Val put together a talk that was relevant, inspiring and insightful.  They connected with our students in powerful ways and I am so grateful that they were able to speak at TEDxWWU.  Not only do they have a powerful message, they are living and breathing examples of making their dreams come true.  They are full of love, laughter and joy which is contagious.  Their belief in themselves and their own dreams helps others to see that it is possible to do what you love and love what you do. 

Thank you for everything you do and for everything you are bringing into the world.  I am forever grateful.

Marli Williams, M.Ed.
Academic Support Coordinator @ Western Washington University; TEDxWWU Curator

Ah Sun ChuahPersonally, I was a traveler like Tay and Val. I experienced the process of breaking through social norms and frameworks and ignoring peer pressure to embark on an adventure on the Silk Route. The life of returning to the city was never easy because expectations were difficult to manage. But Tay and Val’s persistence, determination and courage reminded me to breathe again. They reminded me of the importance to pause, to stop our city footsteps and to remember our dreams. They reminded me that life is more than just a routine. They reminded me of these special moments in my life that I sometimes forget. Because of them, I will always remember to live a fruitful life and to pass on these beliefs to others.

Ah Sun Chuah
Co-founder of Bamboobee, World’s first technology-based, hand-crafted natural bicycle builder; An adventurer-traveller who cycled across 8 countries on the Silk Route on a traditional home-made bamboo bicycle

I became acquainted with Tay and Val's "I believe that dreams can come true" project in an unusual way.  I have not heard them present the program to a group, rather listened to them intently as they told me their story in a friends home over a week's time.  What I discovered was these two women are following their dream.  Following ones dream takes courage.  Courage to try things no one has tried before, travel roads no one has traveled before and take risks that open you up to vulnerabilities you have never experienced before.  And these two are sharing their dreams in order to help others see that they can make their dreams come true as well.

I am a retired law enforcement officer who spent most of my career working with children.  I have seen all too often that children have lost the ability to dream.  Their circumstances, family life, social placement and pressures have stopped them from believing they can dream big.  Kids no longer know how to dream.  Tay and Val's program shows us first hand that we can dream, we can achieve our dreams and we can be whoever we want to be.  There is no limit when we dream.  I can't express strongly enough how much our children, our next generation, need to hear this message.

Joan DuPuis
Retired Law Enforcement Officer @ Minden, Nevada, USA

We met Tay and Val in San Jose Costa Rica where not only did they help rally local cycling activists having their first group ride, and not only did they play their videos and speak to a crowd in a language they were still learning – but they did it all after having been almost run over by a car that morning on their way to the event.

That’s how amazing these two are. Not even homicidal Central American drivers can stop them. And they don’t do it for money or prestige or power – they do it to inspire, to make the world a better place. Worn down equipment will never stop them, but it would slow them down, and that would be a loss for us all. Let’s help them out!

Dave Meyer and Annabelle Vinois
Permacyclists making films about grassroots environmental projects

“Have you met the girls from Singapore? You just have to meet the girls from Singapore! They are traveling around the world on their bikes….” This is what various people told me and I would secretly roll my eyes. Another free-spirited hippie duo, I thought. I dismissed all the gushing from various friends, but finally, when my sober-minded ex-boss and good friend Kerri, the principal of a school, called to urge me to attend a talk by the very same “girls from Singapore”, I took a deep breath and said, OK, let’s see what all the hype is about.

Well, what a surprise! They were smart, grounded, warm, wise, charismatic and…. I hated to admit it, but their message really touched me. I was hooked, and good luck being what it is, I was one of the fortunate ones who ended up spending a little time with them. In fact, the “girls from Singapore,” Val and Tay, became a catalyst for a significant shift in my life – a much needed shift!

I need to explain this because it is important. I am a Muslim woman from Pakistan. For this Muslim Pakistani persona the idea of “following your dream” seemed whimsical and, well frankly, a dangerous path! No, this persona was raised to be a “good girl.” However, when little Miss. Muslim-Pakistani-good-girl met Vay and Tay, she was at a major juncture in her life and the two young girls from Asia taught her something: Saying yes to your dreams is saying yes to self-respect, to self-love, to confidence, to faith, to belief in beauty and personal passion. It is saying yes to being positive! They showed me that women can be strong, courageous and independent without compromising their gentleness, kindness and love.

Before Val and Tay left Costa Rica I tried to communicate to them how important their message is for women around the world. Too many women in the world cower and dismiss their latent capabilities. But Val and Tay do not. They show us through example that we – women and men! – may chose the courage to fully realize our potentials, our “dreams.” To Val and Tay I am immensely grateful. Please help them to spread their beautiful message of hope and courage all over this world.

Khullood Daryanani
Soon-To-Be World Traveller/Writer, Costa Rica

It was out of nowhere that came two Singaporean girls. They seemed to have materialized out of thin air, into my house and suddenly were integrated in my life. After a few nights, I was shown their video, a beautiful short film telling us to Listen. Their next film Anger, showed the different ways Anger appeared. The thing about the videos was that they were not simply to watch for entertainment. They are not surface, materialistic, pleasing films, but films with true meanings. Beautiful meanings. And if you “listen” you will realize that they are true. And soon you begin to realize just how amazing these two girls are.

Leila Faulstich
Actress to-watch-out-for, Costa Rica, Hollywood

It was October when I went to my friend's restaurant for a meditation, a bit of Chi Gong and a bowl of miso soup...and something about a talk, after dinner, two women who were bicycling around the world were in town." Do stay and meet them", Maria said. So I did.

Who knew I would fall in love with them, want to take them home with me, and now consider myself one of their "big sisters"! Their mission: To inspire people to live their dream! Adorable, funny, sincere, intelligent, talented, wise, and brave, they are small in stature and large in presence. If you are lucky, you may get to meet Val and Tay, from Singapore, as they weave their way across the universe and into the hearts of many.

Joan Martha Dinerman
Artist - on canvas and in life, Costa Rica

Paola NunezI just wanted to help you guys out so you can continue inspiring people all across the globe. At the sharing i met you guys i really was at a crossroad in my life, i wasn’t sure if the world, and if MY world was ready for the change i wanted to persue. I was confused, even terrified of what may come, but the universe spoke to me and it used you guys to do it.

Everything you are doing encourages people to actually be happy, follow their dreams and hopes. Sometimes we get so caught up in what it is we’re “supposed to be doing” with our lives. Get jobs just because we need to make ends meet. Have a partner just because we’re scared to be alone, Sometimes we forget that life is so much better when we truly LOVE what we are doing.

You guys do that for people like me or people that hadn’t noticed it in their lives, but when they come across people that are willing to fight for their dreams might have something inside them move, and also be inspired.

You guys are an inspiration, not only to me, but for humanity. If we all did what we do for the love of it, maybe things would change a little in the world 🙂

Paola Nunez
Photographer launching her career, Guatemala

Tay and Val came to work with one of our Access classes here in Santiago on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. The Access program is funded by the US embassy and gives two years of English classes to adolescent students who show leadership qualities in their communities and are from economically disadvantaged families.

The theme of Tay’s and Val’s presentation, pursuing your dreams, is so representative of the program’s purpose. Especially for the girls in the class, it was great for the students to see two women who are from another country, besides the United States, who are traveling the world pursuing their dreams. The presentation was inspiring for the students and the teachers. It is necessary in this depressed area to be encouraged and reminded to have a dream and to never stop reading for it.

Lisa Doherty
Teacher Trainer US Access Program, Guatemala

These 2 awesome little girls have been traveling around the world spreding a message, full of comfort, peace and love, and now I’m fully addicted. They spend time at my home, we shared lots of feelings and things that changed the way i saw everything. “Freedom is like my bike, it can take you every where i want”, wow Tay and Val take it very serious, taiwan, japan, hawaii, mexico, guatemala, belice, costa rica, and now LA, but this two need fund raising and we all together can help, why? because this kind of trips always take something from you, and in this ocasion all the equipment they used to record amazing videos (like the one they made for Pue Bicla) its broke!!! so please support them as i support them, ohhhh I still supporting them, so come on give a little help, search in all your pockets, tell your neighbors, cousins, grandma, pa, ma, everybody, because I BEALIEVE THAT DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! PEACE

Founder of cycling group Puebicla, Mexico

Tay and Val blew into Molokai Hawaii like the wind and left the same way. It was a warm gentle breeze that transformed many and continues to this day..You see we are a Village of big hearts that have been forgotten. The amount of people here on welfare is one of the largest in the U.S. so with that quite often comes folks who have forgotten their dreams. As Val and Tay shared their dreams and reminded us at a town lecture that Dreams do come true they opened us to that possibility again that had been buried ..afraid to come out. I for one am one who was touched and am now living my dreams of Photography, living on the Ocean and working in community service. as each person opened it opened the next and that has created by example a domino effect that lives on long after they have parted..Mahalo for reminding us to live in Possibility. May many more be changed by your presence.

Stephanie Perlowski
Moments Capturer, Molokai, Hawaii