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A Present for the Children of Japan

We had wanted to cycle to as many children-related organisations as possible in Japan and tell the children a story…

A story of 2 girls cycling around the world
Looking for Treasures
Treasures that are within Everyone
Treasures inside your Hearts ♥

We choose to BELIEVE
that every outcome
is the best possible outcome

So when we could not connect with the relevant authorities
When the mapped route could not materialize
When the planned journey could not take place

We choose to work with what we have
We choose to use what we know best

We have decided
If we cannot enter the homes to tell our story personally
Japan will tell its own story to its children

And so
Instead of cycling to the children-related organisations which we do not have access to in Japan
We will be cycling around Japan to collect drawings and messages from its people
At the end of our journey
We will compile everything we have collected into one video
And then send it to the orphanages, children homes and children-related organisations in Japan

As Val would have said
“If we cannot enter through their doors
We will enter via their desktops!”

Dear Japan,

If you were to share a part of yourself
and give a present to the children of Japan
by sharing your own hopes, aspirations and dreams

If you were to draw a picture for these children
If you were to write a message for these children

To empower them to DREAM
To encourage them to do the things they truly LOVE ♥
To help them believe that we can all be someone GREATER

What would it be?

Submit your present now:

Draw a picture and record a video with your message for the children of Japan
Sign up for a Vimeo account / Log-in to Vimeo using your Facebook account
Upload your video here


Draw a picture and write your message on the back of it
Scan both sides of the paper / Take photos of both sides of the paper
Sign up for a Vimeo account / Log-in to Vimeo using your Facebook account
Upload both the files here

Closing Date: 08 August 2010

The video “A Present For The Children Of Japan – Submit your drawings and messages!” was kindly translated for us by our dear friend Hiromi.
Much appreciation from us to you!